Olokun of the Galaxy is a series of art and play
dolls I created that are inspired by Olokun, a Yoruba spirit who governs the deepest part of the oceans. I have fashioned these figures to honor indigenous water protectors and the Movement for Black Lives. This series takes Olokun from his/her earthly home to other oceans in the universe–including the waters beneath the ice of Europa, the methane lakes of Titan and to many exoplanets. Olokun of the Galaxy is a medaled hero and heroine, both matriarch and patriarch, a conduit for embrace, safety and regeneration. These are the first in my line of “pants dolls,” which are created from jeans and other reclaimed fabrics. The limited edition play dolls are still individually made “art dolls” but they do not include medals, jewelry or other small pieces and they are machine washable. Doll can sit on an easel-style metal stand (sold separately), is comfy on a chair, couch or bed. but also has a loop for wall display. All dolls comes with a signed 16-page booklet with original poetry and text about Olokun of the Galaxy.