Design and Staging

Photo of Colorpop Pillows by Esther Iverem. Small, colorful pillows with ethnic-inspired fabrics add an accent to your room without taking up too much seating space.

James Brown once urged everyone to use what we have to get want we want! We take that sentiment to heart. We specialize in making spaces beautiful at low cost in materials to homeowners and small businesses. Some of our completed projects include living rooms, kitchens, basements, bathrooms and small business spaces in malls.

ColorPop Pillows We create custom jewel-sized pillows to add a punch of color and pattern to your rooms. We can also create slip covers for chair backs Contact us for a consultation about these and other design projects in your home. Email creative [at]

We also do design consulting for SB Home and World, Inc., a Washington, DC-based company that specializes in roofing and gutters but also completes kitchens, baths, dormers, additions and other home improvement and construction projects.